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IAPS-CSBE Çalışma Ağı, IAPS “International Association for People-Environment Studies” kuruluşu çerçevesinde yapısal çevrelerde, tasarlama ve planlama alanında; kültür ve mekan arasındaki etkileşimlerin doğurduğu problemlerin tanımlanması, teori ve uygulama ilişkisinin kurulması ve disiplinlerarası bir çerçevede çözüm yollarının araştırılmasını, kuramsal ve uygulamalı çalışmalar kadar, bu konuların mimarlık eğitim sürecinde ele alınmasını amaçlayan,  ‘yer’den ve ‘kurum’lardan bağımsız bir bilimsel organizasyondur. Hülya Turgut ve Peter Kellett tarafından yürütülen çalışma Ağı, bir veri tabanının oluşturulması, bilimsel toplantıların düzenlenmesi, teori ve uygulama ilişkisinin kurulması, araştırmacılar arasında bir iletişim ağının kurulması ve konu ile ilgili yayın yapılmasını hedeflemektedir.



IAPS-International Association for People-Environment Studies is the forum for scholars who have an interest in an interdisciplinary exchange and in the study of the transactions and interrelationships between people and their socio-physical surroundings (including built and natural environments) and the relation of this field to other social and biological sciences and to the environmental professions. The scope of IAPS reflects the scientific and practical capabilities and aspirations in work concerning people in their environments. IAPS has 9 networks which are interest and research groups formed by IAPS members. They carry out debates, discussiongroups, publications, often posses their own website and organize symposia and conferences.


CSBE-Culture and Space in the Built Environment was conceived, during the International Conference "Culture and Space in the Home Environment" held in June 1997 in Istanbul. At the "Culture and Space in the Home Environment" symposium many critical questions and evaluations on culture and space interactions in the built environment were identified. Since the world is becoming an increasingly interrelated entity where culture appears more information based and less place and tradition rooted, it seems as a vital issue to evaluate these new trends and paradigms within this perspective. A host group of researches within the IAPS have emphasized the study of the built environment as a means of exploring the conflicts arising between inevitable development and cultural continuity; Culture change and identity; quality and quantity; global and local. Exploring these contradictions and paradigms, researchers from a variety of disciplines are aiming to contribute to the future improvement of the built environment around the world both in rural and urban environment at micro, mezzo and macro-system resolution levels.



The aim of the Network is to identify issues and problems related to culture and space interactions in the built environment and facilitate elaborative research studies within an interdisciplinary framework. It is also intended:

§  to establish a database,

§  to organize meetings such as symposium, workshop,

§  to circulate the information between concerned researchers,

§  to encourage research studies on the topic



Arza Churchman, Faculty of Architecture & Town Planning Technion - Israel Institute of TechnologyVittoriaGiuliani, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie della Cognizione Via Nomentana

Orhan Hacihasanoglu,Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture

Peter Kellett,CARDO School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

Roderick Lawrence,Centre for Human Ecology and Environmental Studies Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, University of Geneva

Sanjoy Mazumdar,School of Social Ecology University of California

Paul Oliver,Centre for Vernacular Architecture Studies, School of Architecture Oxford Brookes

Hulya Turgut,Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture

Handan Turkoglu, Istanbul Technical University, Urban and Regional Planning Department

Alper Unlu, Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture

Mete Unugur,Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture



Prof. Dr. Hulya Turgut,

Maltepe University, Faculty of Architecture & Design, Marmara Eğitim Köyü, Maltepe

34857, Istanbul, Turkey

Email:[email protected] 



Dr. Peter Kellett, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 7RU, UK, Tel: +44 191 2226023; Fax: +44 191 2226008;

Email:[email protected]




Since its inception the network has organized two types of meetings. First group of meeting is international symposia which happen every four years and second group of meeting workshops and network meetings which occur every two years in IAPS main conferences.


Forthcoming events 

5th International Symposium of IAPS-CSBE Network, 2015,Turkey( further information will be announced)


International symposium series

4rd Symposium:Revitalizing Built Environments: Requalifying Old Places For New Uses,Jointly Organized by IAPS-CSBE Network and the IAPS - HOUSING Network,Istanbul - Turkey , 12-16 October 2009www.culturespace2009.org   


3rd Symposium:Under the umbrella of XXII. UIA World Congress of Architecture,U I A 2 0 0 5 I S T A N B U L 4- 7 July, 2005, Istanbul – TURKEY, Social Change and Spatial Transformation In Housing Environments,5- 6 July, 2005, Istanbul – Turkey


2nd Symposium:Traditional Environments in a New Millennium:Defining Principles and Professional Practice, 20-23 June  2001, Amasya , Turkey 


1st Symposium:Culture & Space in Home Environment, Critical Evaluations / New Paradigms, June 1997,Istanbul – Turkey


National symposium series

3rd National Symposium: “Istanbul As A ‘Palimpsest’ City And Imperfection”,jointly organized by IAPS-CSBE Network  and Istanbul Technical University under the framework of the First  Istanbul Design Biennial , December 2012,  Taşkışla, ITU, Istanbul


2nd National Symposium:  City, Culture & Space”, jointly organized by IAPS-CSBE Network and Istanbul Technical University, 2-3 March 2010, Taşkışla, ITU, Istanbul(in the memory of Prof.S.Mete Unugur who was the founding member of CSBE Network)


1st National Symposium:‘City, Culture and House’symposium is hosted by Bahceşehir University with the cooperation of Istanbul Technical University, Chamber of Architects-Turkey and Arkitera on 14-16th of December 2007 in Istanbul.(The symposium is an initial step towards a series of ‘National Culture and Space Meetings ‘organized by IAPS-CSBE Network on Culture and Space in the Built Environment)


International Network Symposium series

International Network Symposium,Sustainable environments in a changing global context”, June 2013, University of ACoruña, Spain, Jointly Organized by People-Environment Research Group, IAPS - HOUSING Network, IAPS-CSBE Network and the Sustainability Network


International Network Symposium,“Continuity and Change of Built Environments- Housing, Culture and Space across Lifespans”, October 10-14,2011, Daegu, Korea, Jointly Organized by IAPS-CSBE Network and the IAPS - HOUSING Network, Website: www.iaps2011symposium.kr   



§  Culture & Space in the Home Environment With an Introduction by Roderick J. Lawrence,  Edited by S. Mete Ünügür, Orhan Hacıhasanoğlu, Hülya Turgut, 1999

ISBN 975-7632-50-3, Price: $ 15.

Culture & Space in the Home Environment: critical evaluation and new paradigms, Proceeding of the First International Symposium of IAPS-CSBE Network, 2000

ISBN 975-93779-0-X, Price: $ 20

Cultural & Spatial Diversity in the Urban Environment

Edited by Hülya Turgut & Peter Kellett, 2001

ISBN 975-8599-04-6, Price: $ 20

Traditional Environments in a New Millennium

Proceeding of the second International Symposium of IAPS-CSBE Network

Edited by Hülya Turgut & Peter Kellett, 2002

ISBN 975-585-281-6, Price: $ 25

Social Change and Spatial Transformation in Housing Environments

Proceeding of the third International Symposium of IAPS-CSBE Network,

Edited by Elmira  Sener, Isil Hacihasanoglu,Hulya Turgut Yildiz, 2005

ISBN 975-561-270-X,Price: $ 10


'Appropriate Home': Can we design 'appropriate' residential environments?Proceeding of the Joint Symposium of IAPS-CSBE Network and HBRC, edited by:Dina Shehayeb, Hülya Turgut Yıldız, Peter Kellett, 2006, ISBN 977-17-4798-3

‘ Revitalizing Built Environments: Requalifying Old places for New Uses’ Proceeding of the Joint Symposium of IAPS-CSBE and HOUSING Network , edited by: Hülya Turgut Yıldız, Yasemin Ince Guney, 2009, ISBN 978-975-561-359-8



Those who wish to order a book of Network book series should download and fill the form on the networks webpage. Payment is to be made using the method of bank transfer.  All fees to be paid in USD.  Email:[email protected]   




At the moment, membership of the network is free and confined to members of the International Association for People-Environment Studies (IAPS). For details on IAPS membership visit: http://www.iaps-association.org


IAPS Network-CSBE,

Maltepe University, Faculty of Architecture & Design, Marmara Eğitim Köyü, Maltepe

34857, Istanbul, Turkey


Fax:+90 216 3614565

Email:[email protected] 

 http://www.iaps-culturespace.org (under construction)